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Today, I decided to create a new layout. My last one was very useful to follow tech news. This one is useful to monitor everything (channels, highlight, clones). Note that the tech layout is still the one I use so I will not change My WeeChat Configuration.


This script will create a buffer that will contain the messages of all monitored channels. In my case, the french channels will be monitored.

/script install chanmon.pl
/allchan -exclude=*fr chanmon monitor $channel $server
/window splith 50
/buffer chanmon


As the name suggests, this script will scan the channels on demand and even automatically. Just load the script and it will write the result (in the clone_scanner buffer) as soon as a clone is detected (automatic scan).

/script install clone_scanner.py
/clone_scanner scan (to show up the buffer...)
/window splith 66
/buffer clone_scanner


This script will create a highmon buffer that will contain the messages that match a highlight.

/script install highmon.pl
/window splith 50
/buffer highmon
/window 1
/layout save monitoring

The result :



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