WeeChat – highlight NHL hockey goal


I‘m a fan of hockey and Weechat. I found a channel that deals with NHL hockey. A robot named GoalBot notify us when a goal is scored in a game.


I configured Weechat to receive a highlight when a goal is scored by my favorite team, the Montreal Canadiens.

So let’s do the same.

First, join the channel :

/join #reddit-hockey

Then, configure the highlight.

/buffer set highlight_regex ^GOAL: MTL.*

Now it should highlight you whenever a goal is scored by a Montreal Canadiens player. However, as soon as you will close the buffer, the settings will be gone. In Weechat, to make a buffer property permanent, you must use the buffer_autoset.py script. So let’s install :

/script install buffer_autoset.py

then :

/autosetbuffer add irc.freenode.#reddit-hockey highlight_regex ^GOAL: MTL.*

If you also want to hear a beep, install beep.pl :

/script install beep.pl


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