The softwares I use on Debian

My list of software

Here is the list of apps I use almost everyday on my Debian GNU/Linux computer :


  1. Dropbox
  2. Wuala
  3. SpiderOak

Dropbox is my favorites. The fastest. However Wuala and SpiderOak offer better security

Color Picker

  1. gcolor2

A very good color picker

Dynamic DNS client

  1. DDclient

I use it with


  1. Anki

The best way to memorize

IRC Bouncer

  1. ZNC

By far the most complete IRC bouncer

IRC Client

  1. WeeChat
  2. Irssi

Those are the best IRC client. I prefer WeeChat but irssi is awesome too.

IRC to IM gateway

  1. BitlBee

I use it to access Twitter and Facebook from my IRC client

MPD client

  1. ncmpcpp

Beautiful and fast MPD client

Rootkit Detection

  1. chkrootkit
  2. rkhunter

chkrootkit is very nice

Screen Capture

  1. scrot

I use it to capture the whole screen and region


  1. Zsh
  2. Bash

Zsh shell is awesome. Especially the completitions features.

SSH implementation

  1. OpenSSH

Simply the best!

System Monitor

  1. Conky
  2. htop

Conky is awesome, beautiful and powerful


  1. gnome-terminal

Simple and sweet

Terminal multiplexer

  1. tmux

The most advanced terminal multiplexer

Text editor

  1. Vim
  2. gedit

I use Vim almost everytime but it still useful to have gedit in some case

Tiling Window Manager

  1. awesome

The best Window Manager

Web Browser

  1. Firefox
  2. Google Chrome

Firefox will always be my favorite browser

Others :

cowsay displays a cow (and other character) that thinks or says what you want. You can combine it with fortunes or figlet/toilet. eSpeak voices are better than festival voices. linuxlogo obviously show an ascii linux logo. Synergy share your mouse and keyboard between many computers.

And you?

2 thoughts on “The softwares I use on Debian

  1. Hi,

    Awesome article. I also use a tiling manager qtile it’s a Python wm. I wanted to know what you use for the management of its sound volume alsamixer directly, and for the management of mass support external mount ? I also use this keychain is really convenient.

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