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The /layout command in WeeChat is powerful. You can have many named layout and switch between them. It remember which buffer was showed just before you issued the /layout save command. Finally, the /layout command is still useful even if you are not going to create other window, because you can also save the order of your buffers.

So let’s build on an example. We will split the main window in 2 part. One for viewing highlight message and the other to show conversation.

First layout

Create an highlight window at the top of the screen (you need the highmon.pl script)

/script install highmon.pl
/set plugins.var.perl.highmon.alignment "nchannel"
/window splith 15
/buffer highmon

We should now have something like this :

WeeChat layout

Now let’s save the layout to the name highlight :

/layout save highlight

Now you can split one window or change channel order and get them back as they was with :

/layout apply highlight

Second layout

Now let’s create another layout. This one will have 3 windows. One for highlight message, another one for the ##news channel on Freenode and the last one for all other buffers. First, be sure that the conversation window is the one currently selected then type :

/window splith 20
/join ##news

Then, save this layout under the name hl_news :

/layout save hl_news

You should now see something like this :

WeeChat layout

Then, load the highlight layout

/layout apply highlight

Awesome no? Enjoy!

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