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I am from Quebec. My native language is French so I am on some french IRC channel on Freenode. For example, I am both on #weechat and #weechat-fr. I would like to see what time is it in France while I am chatting with french user from there. I found a way to add another timezone to the status bar with the help of two excellent scripts.

Which WeeChat script do you need

What to do

/script install alternatetz.py
/script install customize_bar.py

Choose the timezone, CET for me :

/set plugins.var.python.alternatetz.timezone CET

and add alternatetz item to the #weechat-fr customize bar :

/set plugins.var.python.customize_bar.status.irc.freenode.#weechat-fr [time],[alternatetz],[buffer_count],[buffer_plugin],buffer_number+:+buffer_name+(buffer_modes)+{buffer_nicklist_count}+buffer_filter,[lag],[hotlist],completion,scroll

You can also set this for all the french channel at once but it require at least WeeChat 0.4.2. First, leave all non-french channel then type :

/allchan set plugins.var.python.customize_bar.status.irc.freenode.$channel [time],[alternatetz],[buffer_count],[buffer_plugin],buffer_number+:+buffer_name+(buffer_modes)+{buffer_nicklist_count}+buffer_filter,[lag],[hotlist],completion,scroll



4 thoughts on “Weechat – Add another timezone to the status bar

  1. It’s nice to see all this weechat love, I’m a huge fan of that project myself. Interesting post, I didn’t actually realize at first that by using customize_bar.py you’ll only add the CET timezone for #weechat-fr’s bar. Useful stuff. I wonder though, can more than *one* timezone be defined in alternatetz.py? If so, how would configure this to, additionally from CET, having UTC-3 for #weechat-brazil (just an example). Doesn’t seem possible with alternatetz.py, right? Would be nice to add support for such a setup in this script =)

    • Hi ballmerpeak, thanks for your comment, as far as I know we cant do this with alternatetz.py. Another thing I would like to see is to make this work :
      /set plugins.var.python.customize_bar.status.irc.freenode.#*fr
      to automatically show a second timezone in every french channel but it dont seem to works!

      Update: well I found something interesting, added to the end of the post

  2. If you deleted the status line before and added a new one like me, just rename your status line, for example rootstatus, to status with :

    /bar set rootstatus name status

    before loading the script.

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