My WeeChat configuration


Here is my Weechat configuration :

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  2. can you run this from a terminal without X running? Does Conky work without X running? I’d love to get this running on my headless server that doesn’t have a GUI installed

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  4. Where you have your twitter I am wanting to use that space for my gtalk, how would I go about using that window for gtalk with bitlbee?

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  7. This Weechat configuration need to replace ~/.weechat/weechat.conf or other file ? or how can u load it. btw you conf is very cool and beautiful…

  8. I have copied your conky conf settings but I cannot get my conky to look anything like that how did you manage it? if needed I will provide a screen shot of what mine looks like

  9. Hey, I am having some issues with conky as I can’t get it to look the same as you have it in your screen shot, can you explain how you got it to look like that?

  10. Can you explain how your bitlbee authentication is working?
    /set irc.server.bitlbee.password r3m/bitlbee:${}

    Typically i use: /set irc.server.bitlbee.command “/msg &bitlbee identify “

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